GTA Color and Spec Baker

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This is a Baker/Filter for Substance Painter that helps you bake maps and details into BaseColor/Diffuse and generate an enhanced Specular map with more details for all GTA shaders, this filter is useful for more than just GTA workflow but can also work for other games.

This requires basic knowledge of Substance Painter!

This includes 2 files
One for Metallic/Roughness Workflow (Has more tweaks)
One for Gloss/spec Workflow

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How to Use / Documentation
1. To use any of the filters drag and drop them into your substance project.

2. Mesh Bake and Texture the models normally with substance tools.
3. Drag the Filter on top of all other layers.

*4. Add a Specular Channel to your project if you're using a Metallic/Roughness workflow

5. Tweak the parameters on the Filter.

Color Parameters
Curvature Overlay Opacity: Adds curvature details on top of BaseColor/Diffuse
AO Multiply Opacity: Adds ambient occlusion on BaseColor/Diffuse
Normal Opacity: Adds detail from the normal map on BaseColor/Diffuse

in use:

Color Highpass Parameters
Adds Highpass filter on top of BaseColor/Diffuse (Extra details if you need)
Use Color Adjustments: Takes into account the changes you added in the color stage in the Highpass filter
You can add 2 Highpass filters
*Recommended only for people who know how highpass works

in use:

Spec Parameters
Invert to Gloss: inverts roughness map to gloss as it's needed.
Curvature Overlay Opacity: Adds curvature details on top of specular
AO Multiply Opacity: Adds ambient occlusion on specular
Metallic Multiplier: Takes into account metallic map, if something is white on a metallic map will stay more specular than something that's less metallic.
Metallic Contrast/Lumi: Controls overall contrast of the spec after the multiplier.
Normal Opacity: Adds detail from the normal map on specular.
Material Preset: 27 Spec color presets from some GTA items.
Spec color: Pick a custom spec color with R: Specular intensity G: Glossiness B: Environment reflection (For more info read about how Spec maps work in GTA)

in use:

Texture Exporting
For Roughness/Metallic: You can export BaseColor or Diffuse and Specular.
For Gloss/Diffuse: You can Export Diffuse and Specular.
Normal map exported as usual.

My export settings for Roughness/Metallic

Extra step I do
This works great with baked environment light as well, a good step for metal and adding more details.
Add Baked Lighting Environment before the filter:

Pick an environment map / HDRI:

Update Version

Added Emboss effect using Normal and Height map.

Emboss parameters
Emboss Intensity: Controls the intensity of the emboss effect.
Use BaseColor: If turned on it will use base color as colors for the highlights and shadows otherwise you can change them.
Highlight Color: Controls the color of embossing highlights.
Shadow Color: Controls the color of embossing shadows.
Emboss light angle: Controls the light angle of emboss.

in use:

Bug Fixes
Set the default values
Played with how normal and height are combined and now it is a little better quality.

Splitting of Normal and Height intensity. (Request)

New parameters
When Normal Opacity is on new sliders show up!
Height Intensity: Intensity of height maps
Normal Intensity: Intensity of Normal maps
With this, you can adjust how much of each and aren't locked to picking one opacity for both. If you want it to work like before, keep them at 1.

in use:

New Lights

New "Color" parameters
HBAO: Uses Height and Normal data to generate AO that can be added to the color
Will only show up if you decide to have AO on.

in use:

New category "Color Light"
This category has everything to do with the two additional lights you can add.
Light Blending mode: 3 Different ways to blend light with color (Overlay default).
Light Strength: Increases the strength of the lights. To lower the intensity, you will need to use a darker color.
Light Hardness: Hardness of the light.
Angle H/V: Rotates the light around the model and uses "World space normal" to work. It needs to be baked through mesh maps.

New "Spec" parameter
Add lights to spec: Adds the lights to the spec map

in use:

The filter is now compatible with alpha and transparency.

Stars: Before (Alpha becomes black)
Pluses: After (Alpha stays as alpha)

I hope you enjoy this and help you moving forward with all your GTA Modding.

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GTA Color and Spec Baker

10 ratings
I want this!